Star Audition (MBC) a.k.a 위대한탄생

Everyone has a rockstar in them…and MBC Star Audition – 위대한 탄생 is the answer to the dreams of Koreans all over the world!

Currently in its second season, Star Audition – better known as ‘Wi-tan 위탄’ has taken Korea by storm. The show is similar to the Idol shows but better for the reason that viewers can follow the developments of every contestant closely and really form a bond.

Season 2 Mentors

Season 2 Mentors

Final contestants are selected by a panel made up of famous singers or music producers such as Lee Seung Hwan, Park Jung Hyun, Yoon il Sang, Yoon Sang and Lee Sun Hee who are called the ‘mentors’ of the show (Season 2). After selection finalists become a united group with their mentor and go to ‘camp’! Camp could be the mentors home, a hotel, a holiday house, studio or all of the above! They’re pretty imaginative and really challenge the contestants.

Winner of Season 1 Baek Chong Gang 백청강

At camp they spend time improving their musical expertise and working toward becoming the ultimate Star! Star Audition is unique as viewers not only see the blood, sweat and tears but also the touching moments of new friendships blossoming and the contestants becoming stronger people.  Finalists are dropped one by one each week, until only one remains.  Final decisions in the last rounds are decided on mentor comments and viewer votes.  Star Audition is not only a music reality TV show, it is a show about personal growth. It also gives viewers some expert tips on improving our singing!

I really admire the producers of Star Audition. Not only have they produced a show that many people can relate to and enjoy watching, it is educational and promotes Korean culture and music – both old and new. I know that through this show, my knowledge of Korean music has grown and I now have many more Number 18s!

I’m currently rooting for Chue Chong Hoon 최정훈 and Punita in season 2. They are both fantastic examples of global Koreans who have kept their culture strong and enjoy the benefits of both their worlds. The fact that they speak so well and are in touch with their heritage is truly admirable.



Until the next episode…

– Miss Ogle

NB: Those wishing to watch Star Audition 1 or 2 can watch streaming video at This site streams from at least three different websites. Sorry, no subtitles 😦